Davidson's Plum (Davidsonia pruriens)

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Davidson's Plum is an exceptional and visually striking fruit native to the rainforests of Australia, primarily found in Queensland and New South Wales. The rare fruit tree is relatively small to medium in height, usually reaching between 9 to 30 feet, making it a suitable addition for gardens and orchards aiming for biodiversity and exotic produce.

The plant's leaves are one of its most distinctive features, being large, glossy, and deep green, with a soft, velvety texture on the underside, creating a lush, tropical aesthetic. During the summer months, the tree produces small, creamy-white flowers that are both fragrant and attractive to a variety of pollinators.

However, it is the fruit of the Davidson's Plum that truly sets it apart. The plums are large, with a deep purple to almost black skin when ripe and a bright red, juicy flesh inside. They hang in clusters, offering a stark and beautiful contrast against the green foliage. The fruits are known for their sharp, tart flavor, which is often described as an intense blend of berry and plum tastes, with a slight hint of acidity.

Culinary uses of Davidson's Plum are diverse, ranging from jams, sauces, and desserts to savory dishes where its unique flavor can shine through. Additionally, the fruit is celebrated for its high nutritional value, being rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium.

Cultivation of Davidson's Plum requires a warm, sheltered spot with well-drained, fertile soil, mimicking its natural rainforest habitat. The plant is relatively low-maintenance once established, needing regular watering during dry periods and occasional pruning to encourage fruiting and maintain its shape. We have seen it fruiting in both Florida and California. The trees in our food forest were loaded with fruit in the late-summer through early fall, but we witnessed fruit on trees in California well into late spring. It is self-fertile.

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