XL Canistel Bundle: 'Bruce' & 'Trompo' Canistel Trees

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Canistel 'Trompo' (Pouteria campechiana) — Pot Size
Canistel 'Bruce' (Pouteria campechiana) — Pot Size
Elevate your rare fruit collection and food forest with our X-Large Canistel Fruit Tree Bundle, featuring the distinguished 'Bruce' and 'Trompo' varieties. This premium selection is tailored for enthusiasts who appreciate the rarity and unique flavors of exotic fruits.

The 'Bruce' Canistel stands out as a top-tier selection among exotic fruit enthusiasts. Its fruits are notably smooth, egg-shaped, and boast a rich, sweet flavor reminiscent of pumpkin pie, with a creamy, custard-like texture. This variety is particularly revered for its reliable fruiting, producing consistently high-quality yields. The 'Bruce' Canistel is not just a fruit bearer but a vibrant, leafy addition to any garden, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

On the other hand, the 'Trompo' Canistel is a true rarity in the fruit world. Its fruits are uniquely shaped, resembling a spinning top, and are known for their dense, sweet flesh with a luscious, smooth consistency. This variety is a gourmet's delight, offering a taste that is both exotic and comforting, perfect for culinary explorations from smoothies to baked goods. The 'Trompo' Canistel is also a robust grower, with lush foliage that provides a dense canopy, making it an ideal species for adding structure and diversity to your food forest.

Both trees in this bundle are grafted and mature, ensuring robust growth and immediate fruiting capabilities. They are presented in our x-large pots, ready to make an impactful addition to your rare fruit collection or food forest. Ideal for cultivators and collectors, this Canistel Fruit Tree Bundle is a perfect way to diversify your edible landscape with rare, exotic, and incredibly flavorful fruits.

Plant Type:
Tropical/Subtropical Evergreen Fruit Tree

Harvest Season:
Winter, Spring, Year-round

Typically December - March (sub-tropics) but varies slightly based on variety. Some cultivars even fruit year-round! Canistel fruit should be harvested when it turns yellow-orange. Allowing fruit 3 to 10 days to ripen at room temperature (76–82°F; 24–28°C). Ripe fruit is soft but not mushy.

Mature Size:
15-30 ft.

Will grow well in a container as long as you provide enough space for root growth. . 

Soil & Moisture:
Well-draining, sandy, soil rich in organic matter. Likes consistent watering especially during flower and fruiting but is completely intolerant of flooding. 

Light Requirements:
Full Sun (highest production), Part Shade


Growth Rate:
Fast, Medium

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+. 

If taking on the task of growing this tropical fruit tree in colder climates, can be dwarfed with the right amount of commitment and can be overwintered indoors. During the coldest winter in the last ten years, the Canistel's planted in our food forest survived severe damage at 24 degrees, growing back from the base and are back to fruiting!

Large Pot Size: Grafted and capable of producing fruit within 2-3 years.

X-Large Pot Size: Grafted and capable of producing fruit within 1-2 years.

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