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Mango 'Carrie' (Mangifera indica)

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Carrie mango (Mangifera indica) might ring a bell for anyone familiar with mango plant varieties in South Florida. This mango variety originates from Boynton Beach! Most Florida mango varieties are hybrids of Indian mango types and the Southeast Asian mango types, which are carefully bred to thrive in hot and humid growing conditions. The Carrie Mango is distinctly hardy to the 10b growing zone in South Florida, but could do well in a temperate greenhouse. 

Mango trees are popular trees in the home landscape, with distinct ripples of glossy evergreen foliage. Mango trees will produce reliably for years, growing into rounded dense trees with plenty of shade. They need room to grow, with average tree height falling anywhere between 30 and 60 feet high. New growth appears as an otherworldly red-purple. In the early spring, Mangifera indica blossoms with flower spikes, giving way to oblong fruits in the summer. The Carrie mango is distinct from other varieties that blush and deepen with orange and red skin. Instead, this fruit ripens to a slightly yellow-green color. A cut into the fruit reveals a rich, orange flesh with a distinctly spicy aroma and flavor that is unlike other mangos.  

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How to Grow Mango Trees

Plant Type: Tropical Fruit Tree

Harvest Season: Mid Spring - early Summer

Mature Size: 30-60 ft. on average. 9-18 ft for dwarf varieties.

Soil & Moisture: Tolerant of many soil types as long as there is good drainage. 

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Self-Fertile: Yes

Zone Hardiness: Outdoors 9+ (frost protection for younger trees); Patio/Greenhouse 4+

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