Gin Berry, Ginberry (Glycosmis pentaphylla)

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The Gin Berry, also known as the Orange Berry, is a tropical perennial evergreen fruit small tree/shrub native to Tropical Asia and Australia. A Rutaceae family member, it is related to many other Citrus including the Blood Orange and Tango Mandarin, but has a very unique berry-like size and translucent pink color that sets it apart. 

Bursting with tiny, highly fragrant white flower clusters, these blossoms grow to bear teeny-tiny pink citrus fruits. Bursting with juicy, gin-like flavors and a few big seeds, they are great for eating out of hand or adding to beverage. Incredibly beloved for their ornamental qualities, it doesn’t hurt that their fruit tastes like a gourmet gin and tonic as well! Growing up to 13 ft tall, it can be pruned in a container and brought inside during winter for curious, colder-zoned growers aiming to grow their own cocktail inspired new favorite tree!

Common Names: 

Gin Berry, Orange Berry 

Native to:

Tropical Asia and Australia

Traditional Uses:
Culinary, Ornamental

Plant Type:

Tropical Perennial Evergreen Fruit Tree/Shrub

Harvest Season:


Mature Size:

Up to 13 ft. tall

Soil & Moisture:

Rich, well-draining soil.

Light Requirements:

Full Sun



Growth Rate: 


Zone Hardiness: 

Outdoors 10-12 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+ 


Our Gin Berry is grown from seed and is capable of fruiting 1-3 years.

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