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Plantain 'Dwarf Puerto Rican' (Musa)

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'Dwarf Puerto Rican' is a unique dwarf plantain variety is widely grown in Puerto Rico for its supreme flavor and cooking quality. The fruit that it produces are larger, softer and sweeter than most plantain varieties.

Fun Fact! The Dwarf Puerto Rican Plantain was the FIRST rare fruits introduced to Florida by the legendary fruit hunter and collector Bill Whitman in 1950. And we’re SOW glad that he did.

The majority of plantains grow tall, but the Dwarf Puerto Rican variety is an excellent exception. Dwarf Puerto Rican Plantain’s shorter, thicker trunks make them more resistant to the wind and they will rarely fall over from the weight of their own enormous fruit. The plant is also resistant to Panama Disease, drought tolerant, wind tolerant, cold tolerant and very fast-growing!

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