Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis scardica)

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Greek Mountain Tea, also known as Ironwort, Mountain Tea, or Shepherd's Tea, is a perennial evergreen herb or small shrub well known for it's fuzzy succulent foliage, fragrant orange bell-shaped flowers, and medicinal properties.  It grows abundantly in Mediterranean regions and is native to Greece.  Prepared as a tea (dried flowers, leaves, stems), it may aid in digestion, strengthen the immune system and suppress colds, sinus congestion, even pain and mild anxiety.

How to Grow Greek Mountain Tea

Plant Type: Perennial or Annual Herb

Harvest Season: Summer when in full bloom. Usually dried before usage.

Mature Size: 24-36 in.

Soil & Moisture: Light, sandy, and medium well-draining soils. High and dry. 

Exposure: Full Sun, Light Shade

Zone Hardiness: 8-11

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