False Cardamom (Alpinia mutica)

False Cardamom (Alpinia mutica)

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Despite the common name false cardamom, Alpinia mutica is a plant that will truly earn its place in your garden, your kitchen, and yes, your heart. This lush, green bundle of tropical euphoria will gently lure your senses with its aroma of cinnamon and citrus. ‘False’ varieties of cardamom are harvested for their leaves, not seeds as when you grow ‘true’ varieties of cardamom. Use Alpinia mutica leaves the same way you would use other cardamom plant varieties to spice up your life: The leaves add flavoring to warm teas, desserts, rice, fish, and more. 

Alpinia mutica will add a gentle wave of green to your garden. This plant prefers a warm, shady climate, where it can thrive without much fuss. It will thrive in warm, humid conditions that are similar to its swampy, native forest habitats in Southeast Asia.

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How to Grow False Cardamom

Plant Type: Evergreen Perennial Herb

Harvest Season: Harvest leaves year-round

Mature Size: Up to 3 ft. tall

Soil & Moisture: Adaptable to a variety of soils, but will grow tall and dense in rich, moist soil 

Exposure: Part Shade, Full Shade

Zone Hardiness: 7-11

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