Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis)

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Yerba Mate is a low maintenance evergreen tree, best known for it's leaves that are used to make Yerba Mate tea; a delicious and stimulating drink that can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to coffee. Medicinally, Yerba Mate is said to tone, balance, and strengthen overall body functions, increase fat burning, and balance/calm the nerves.

Yerba Mate can be grown outside in the ground or indoors in a pot.  It will grow fastest in full sun. Fragrant white blossoms will appear throughout fall and winter that turn into vibrant, red ornamental berries in the spring. Thick, holly-like leaves can be harvested when full. Their flavor tastes similar to smooth green tea and is loaded   with antioxidants!

Plant Type
Tropical Evergreen Shrub, Small Tree

Harvest Season
Year-Round (Once Established)

Mature Size
15-50 ft.

Soil & Moisture
Moist, rich, fertile, well-drained soil 

Light Requirements
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate

Zone Hardiness
Outdoors 8-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+


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How to Grow Yerba Mate

Plant Type: Tropical Evergreen Shrub, Small Tree

Harvest Season: Leaves can be harvested year-round once established.

Mature Size: 15-50 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Moist, rich, fertile, well-drained soil 

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade

Zone Hardiness: 8-11 with protection from prolonged frost periods