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Peach 'Florida Grande' (Prunus persica)

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Pot Size
Mature Fruiting Peach Trees
~4-5 ft tall, grafted and capable of flowering and producing now!

The Florida Grande Peach is a deciduous fruit tree member of the Rosaceae family alongside Cherries and Loquats. Thanks to breeding, the University of Florida created a low-chill friendly peach requiring less than 100 chill hours (as opposed to the usual 600-900 of the traditional peach). 

Florida Grande is a rare and unique peach variety that bears medium-sized, red-skinned peaches that are soft and melting. Fruit are semi-freestone, yellow center. Excellent flavor. Fruit ripens mid-May.  This peach tree produces a large, lush canopy and fruits abundantly.  Fruit is ripe and ready for harvest in April.

A winter-dormant specimen, this Florida Grande Peach grows best with a rich compost layer in the slow season and a regular pest-control routine in the growing season, as many other creatures love peach trees just as much as us! 

This Florida Grande Peach provides a perfumed perk of fragrant pink blossoms in early spring, maturing into medium-sized, melt-in-your-mouth peaches by summer. The fruit bears soft, textured, orange skin and a yellow, juicy, freestone center of top-notch flavor. Nothing store-bought will ever compare once you know the true potential of these fresh-picked peaches! 

Eat it out of hand, bake it, juice it, preserve it, or merely obsess over its endless culinary uses. 

Plant Type
Fruit Tree

Harvest Season

Mature Size
Up to 15 ft.

Soil & Moisture
Moist, well-drained, sandy soil, rich in organic matter.

Light Requirements
Full Sun


Growth Rate

Zone Hardiness
Outdoors 9 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Our peach trees are grafted, mature, and capable of flowering and fruiting now.

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