Moldavian Balm ‘Dragon Balm’ (Dracocephalum moldavica)

Moldavian Balm ‘Dragon Balm’ (Dracocephalum moldavica)

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Moldavian Balm, also known as Maldavian Dragonhead - or as we like to call it in the nursery, Dargon Balm -  is an annual herb of the Lamiaceae family, related to Mint and Beautyberry. Native to temperate areas of Asia and Eurasia, the erect, multi-stemmed minty-lemon plant contains ribbed, pleasant scented leaves which can be dried into a tea, used as a spice, or employed for their citrusy essential oil. Their attractive blue-purple summer flowers grow in rows up the plant’s stem and have a similarity to Lemon Balm, bringing all the bees to the yard! Seeds can be used for their astringent properties and have been used in traditional medicine for aiding in fever. 

This easy maintenance Moldavian Balm can be easily grown in containers or in a sunny to partially shady place and enjoys arid moisture. Harvest yourself a refreshing Moldavian Balm tea, or add it to your lemonade!

Common Names: 

Moldavian Balm, Maldavian Dragonhead, melissa moldavica, moldávicatorongil de turquía, mélisse de moldaviethé des jardinstête de dragon, moldawien–drachenkopfmoldawische melissetürkisch boalsentürkische melisse

Native to:

Temperate Asia and Eurasia

Traditional Uses:
Culinary, Folk Medicine, Essential Oil

Plant Type:

Annual Herb

Harvest Season:

Flowers in Summer

Mature Size:

1-2 ft. tall

Soil & Moisture:

Rich, moist, well-draining soil.

Light Requirements:

Full Sun, Part Shade



Growth Rate: 


Zone Hardiness: 

Outdoors 6-9; Patio/Greenhouse 4+ 

Our Moldavian Balm is grown from seed and is capable of harvest within an annual growing season.

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