Lolot (Piper sarmentosum)

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Lolot is a herbaceous perennial vine with creeping rhizomes, commonly known as Wild Betel.  It is cultivated for it's dark green, glossy leaves which have both medicinal and culinary purposes. Lolot is most popularly used to wrap meat with in Southeast Asian cooking.  The leaves are traditionally prepared fresh as a salad in Laotian and Malay cuisine. Medicinally, the whole plant possesses anti-inflammatory, expectorant and anodyne properties.

Lolot has a beautiful tropical look and makes the perfect ground cover for an edible landscape!  A member of the Piper family, Lolot is related to other Sow Exotic favorites, Hoja Santa and Black Pepper Vine.

Plant Type:
Perennial Herb, Creeping Shrub-like Vine

Harvest Season:

Blooms Spring - Fall

Mature Size:
2 ft. tall with a large full 5-10 ft. spread

Soil & Moisture:
Likes moist, well-drained soil. We plant ours under large shady oak trees.

Light Requirements:
Full Shade, Part Shade


Growth Rate:

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9+ frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Our Lolot plants are grown from division, capable of harvest within growing season.

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