Digital Soil pH Meter

Digital Soil pH Meter

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Ever wonder how to most effectively meter your soil? We’ve found the perfect tool. Our Rapitest® ph Meter battery-powered meter instantly displays digital readings of acidity and alkalinity of your garden by just dipping the tip down into your soil. Both easy-to-use and even easier-to-read, it makes measuring soil pH quick and simple. 

  • Easy to use and easier to read, instant digital read-out.
  • Measures and displays the acidity and alkalinity of garden or pot soil.
  • Batteries are required and included. 

Small: 2" Peat Pots
Medium: 4" Coconut Coir Pot
Large: 6" Peat Pot
X-Large: 8-10" Pot 
Citrus: 4x14" Pot

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