Fish Meal 10-2-2

Fish Meal 10-2-2

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Fish Meal is another example of ancient gardening practices that we still rely on today. Fish meal is a good choice for building a soil mix that works for your particular garden, as it holds a good portion of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and micronutrients that standard fertilizers lack. It takes 30 – 60 days to break down, making it a good slow-release source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. It's one of the oldest and best fertilizers in the world!
  • Analysis: (10-2-2)
  • 5 lb bag
How to Fish Meal: 
Follow application rates from included instructions. Use Fish Meal early in the season by adding to compost or fertilizer before planting, or work small amounts directly onto soil surface.

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