Surinam Cherry Seedling (Eugenia uniflora)

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Surinam Cherry is a perennial evergreen fruit tree that produces an abundance of bright red tropical cherry fruit.  The unique fruit is equally delicious, nutritious, and ornamental and has a rich, sweet, unique flavor. Ripe Surinam cherries are soft to the touch with a thin skin, they are tart and acidic. The fruit is best when totally ripe, dark in color, and soft to the touch. Under ripe fruit is often bitter and astringent. 

Surinam Cherry plants are very vigorous and fast growers. It's primarily grown as a hedge and will succeed in a variety of locations, reaching up to 10-12 feet tall and wide if given the space.

Surnam Cherry (Eugenia uniflora) is known by many names throughout the tropical¬†world, including pitanga, Suriname cherry, Brazilian cherry, Cayenne cherry, cerisier carr√©, monkimonki kersie or √Īangapir√≠, is a flowering plant in the family Myrtaceae, native to tropical South America's east coast ranging from Suriname and French Guiana¬†to southern¬†Brazil, as well as¬†Uruguay¬†and parts of¬†Paraguay¬†and¬†Argentina.¬†Surinam Cherries can be found growing in most tropical regions around the world, from the Philippines to Hawaii, and from Haiti to the West African country of Nigeria.

Plant Type:
Perennial Evergreen Fruit Tree / Fruiting Shrub

Harvest Season:
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (depending on location)

In Florida, the largest crop is in the Spring with a second smaller crop in the summer.  Surinam Cherry fruits can develop and ripen quickly, only 3-4 weeks after the flowers open!

Mature Size:
10-12 ft tall and wide

Soil & Moisture:
Likes moist, rich well-draining soil. 

Surinam Cherry Trees respond quickly to irrigation, the fruit rapidly becoming larger and sweeter in flavor after a good watering. 

Light Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate:
Fast, Medium

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-12 (frost protection until established); Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Medium Pot Size: Our Surinam Cherry seedlings were cultivated from hand-selected varieties of great producing trees with optimal flavored fruit collected throughout our food forest. They are capable of fruiting within 1-2 years.

X-Large Pot Size: Our Grafted Black Surinam Cherry trees are capable of fruiting now.

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