Red Toon (Toona sinensis)

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Rare Red Toon, also known as Toona Tree, Chinese Toon, and Chinese Mohagony, is a very rare small tree/shrub known for it's nutritious vegetable-like leaves that are high in protein and Vitamin A. Their unique flavor is somewhat spicy and resembles browned onions. Toon's edible parts are the young tender shoots and leaves. The red leaf flavor is considered much butter than the green leaf. 

Native to eastern and southeastern Asia (North Korea, China, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia) and is a temperate-climate deciduous member of the mahogany family. The wood is highly sought after and is used to create the bodies of electric guitars. Grown in full sun exposure, Chinese Red Toon typically grows 15-20 feet tall but often is cut to the ground to maintain an interesting and colorful bonsai-esque lower planting. The 1-2 foot long pointed oblong leaflets emerge in many tones of red, bright pink, then turn to green with age. Summer flowers have lovely pale pink petals.

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How to Grow Red Toon

Plant Type: Deciduous Flowering Tree/Shrub

Harvest Season: Spring - Summer

Mature Size: 15-25 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Rich, well-draining soil. Adaptable to many soil types, especially suitable for sandy yet fertile soil.

Exposure: Part Shade, Full Sun, Light Shade

Zone Hardiness: 6-11. Red Toon is tolerant to humidity. It's cold tolerance increases with age!

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