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Pineapple 'White Jade' (Ananas comosus)

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Native to Hawaii, the White Jade Pineapple is a super sweet, spineless pineapple with white flesh, low acidity and a totally edible core! 

Most pineapple plants need full sun, but White Jade also thrives in semi-shaded environments. Pineapple plants need excellent soil drainage and are foliar feeders like all bromeliads.  So, be careful not to overwater and be sure to fertilize through the leaves, not the soil. 

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How to Grow Pineapple White Jade

Plant Type: Perennial Fruiting Plant, Bromeliad

Harvest Season: Spring - Summer; generally 6 to 18 months or when large enough

Mature Size: 1-3 ft.

Soil & Moisture:   Moist, well-drained loose soil, rich in nutrients, drought resistant.

Exposure: Full Sun, Light Shade, Part Shade

Zone Hardiness: 9-11