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Mulberry 'Everbearing' (Morus nigra)

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The Everbearing Mulberry is a shrubby fruit tree from the fig family.  It produces hundreds of small black fruit that are full of juice and flavor.  The sweet juicy berries are delicious in ice cream, pancakes, syrup, jam, jelly, or best of all - eaten fresh off the tree. 

The mulberry tree is excellent for yard grazing, and is great for hedge planting. You won't find this delicious fruit in stores, but you can pick ripe mulberries off of your very own trees nearly year-round. It's aesthetic and everbearing fruit make this plant a desirable addition to anyone's garden. There are Mulberry species that are native to America. They can grow quite large, or be kept smaller in pots, while still fruiting heavily.

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How to Grow Everbearing Mulberry

Plant Type: Deciduous Fruit Tree

Harvest Season: Spring - Fall

Mature Size: 12-15 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Rich, well-drained, loose soils. 

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade

Zone Hardiness: 6-10

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