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Açaí Palm, Para Dwarf (Euterpe oleracea)

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The Açaí Palm is a tall, slender fruit palm tree native to Brazil, Trinidad, and other parts of northern South America.  They are cultivated for heart of palm but most popularly known for their small, round, black to purple fruit; the superfood açaí berry. 

Açaí fruit (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) has roughly the same size and appearance as a grape.  It is rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanin and anti-inflammatory polyphenolic compounds.  Fruit can be eaten raw or processed into juice, smoothies, or the popular acai bowl. One tree can produce thousands of berries in a season.

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Acai Palm Tree Plant Care

Plant Type: Tropical Fruit Tree, Palm

Harvest Season: Starts producing year 3-5 or when the plant is 8-10 ft. tall. Can fruit year-round!

Mature Size: Up to 30-90 ft.

Soil & Moisture: Well-draining, acid rich, warm, organic soil. Regular watering and humidity.

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade

Zone Hardiness: 9-11 with frost protection.