Nance (Byrsonima crassifolia)

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Nanche (Byrsonima crassifolia), popularly called Nance, is a very attractive, very fast growing fruiting shrub or small tree in the Acerola family. Nance produces small yellow-orange fruit about the size and shape of a tropical cherry. Nance fruits have a starchy texture and are somewhat acidic but have a subtle sweetness when fully ripe.  Nance fruit can be eaten raw, fermented (chicha), juiced, distilled, candied, or prepared in deserts or carbonated drinks.

Nance is native to the tropical and subtropical Americas. The tropical Nance fruit grows in the Caribbean and Central and Latin America. In Central and South America, Nance can be found growing southern tip of Mexico through the Pacific side of Central America and into Peru and Brazil. They are most often found growing wild but have become a favorite in domestic ornamental gardens known for their decorative blooms and plentiful fruit. Valued for their drought resistant properties, the trees thrive in both tropical and subtropical climates and prefer sandy and rocky soils.

You may also know Byrsonima crassifolia by another of its many common names, including Changunga, Muruçi, Nanche, Nance, Chacunga, Craboo, Kraabu, Savanna Serrette and Golden Spoon.

Plant Type:
Tropical / Subtropical Evergreen Fruit Tree

Harvest Season:
Summer, Fall

Mature Size:
15-30 ft on average, but up to 50 ft outdoors in tropical regions.  Nance is very well-suited for container growing

Soil & Moisture:
Valued for their drought resistant properties, the trees thrive in both tropical and subtropical climates and prefer sandy and rocky soils

Light Requirements:
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate:
Very Fast

Zone Hardiness:
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

It is highly drought-tolerant, but not very cold hardy.  If you're planning to grow Nance in a cooler climate, over-winter indoors if possible.

Medium Pot SizeGrown from seed, capable of harvest within 2-3 years.
Large Pot Size: More mature tree, capable to produce within 2-3 years.


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More Reasons to Grow Nance

Nance fruit is rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, and other vitamins and minerals, which may promote digestive and skin health, and more. Additionally, the leaves are used to make tea, and the bark may also contain health benefits.

Both the fruit and the bark of the Nance shrub have nutritional value. Nance fruits are high in Vitamin C, and also contain minerals like calcium and phosphorus. The fruits are also a good source of fiber. Unripened Nance fruit and the bark contain tannins and oxalic acid.

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