Cas Guava, Costa Rican Guava (Psidium friedrichsthalianum)

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Meet the Cas! Adorned with a suitable name for its native land of Costa Rica, the Cas, or Costa Rican Guava, is an evergreen fruiting shrub with a distinctive tart, sour flavor profile also known by Sour Guava and Acid Guava. A Myrtaceae or Guava family member, the unique plant bears a name derived from the Boruca indigeounous name for the fruit, “Kas”. 

The easy-maintenance Cas tree grows similarly to Cattley Guavas and grow quickly, withstanding short frosts. You can find their green to yellow, dainty 1-3 inch guavas year-round, but see peaks in productivity throughout winter. The Cas’ semi-smooth, small fruits carry a slightly astringent, crispy bite that softens with ripeness. Low on the glycemic index, it’s great for fruit lovers aiming to consume less sugar. Rich in vitamin-C and antioxidants like copper, phosphorus and potassium, the Cas consists of 80% water, making the fruit popular to juice into a traditional Fresco de Cas beverage with Cas, Sugar and Water.  

These delights are not grown commercially, so if you want to try them, you’ve got to find them in the wild or grow them! 

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