Growing Guide: Green Tea

Plant Type
Evergreen Shrub, Small Tree

Harvest Season
Leaves: Year-round
Flowers: Spring

Mature Size
Up to 15 ft.tall and wide
Green tea plants are is typically (and easily!) pruned and maintained at smaller sizes (4-5 ft.) for ease of harvesting.

Soil & Moisture
Moist, rich, well-draining soil.

Light Requirements
Full Sun, Part Shade
Grown in shadier areas in warmer climates.


Growth Rate

Zone Hardiness
Outdoors 7-11; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

Small Pot Size: Grown from seed. Ready for bountiful harvests within 1 year.
Medium Pot Size: Grown from seed. Ready for bountiful harvests within 6 months - 1 year.
Large Pot Size: Ready to harvest now, bountiful harvests within 6 mons - 1 year.