Growing Guide: Bignay

Plant Type: 
Tropical Evergreen Fruit Tree 

Harvest Season:  
Fall, Winter, Spring, and potentially year-round   

Mature Size: 
10-25 ft.  In it's native wild habitat, Bignay may grow up to 50-100 feet, but is easy to grow in containers and overwintered indoors.

Soil & Moisture: 
Loves moisture, humidity, and consistently moist soil

Light Requirements: 
Part Shade, Shade

No, two or more trees are needed for best chances at pollination. 

Growth Rate: 
Fast, Medium 

Zone Hardiness: 
Outdoors 9-12 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

X-Large Pot Size: Grown from seed and capable to produce within 1-3 years.