Summer Spin-Off: Tropical Greens Bundle

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If you want to try growing spinach in summer, here’s your warning: It’s an uphill battle. That’s because classic spinach varieties are mostly cool-season plants. Right on time for the verdant Florida growing season, we present to you: Sow Exotic’s Summer Spin-Off! This assortment of tropical spinach plants will thrive in the intense summer heat and daylight that classic, cool-season spinach plants can’t tolerate. Each of these spinach varieties could take a unique place on your plate, or you can use it as a stand-in for your favorite summer recipes, raw or cooked. 

With this Summer Spin-Off bundle, growing spinach in the summer will be no sweat. Sissoo, Okinawa, Longevity, Malabar and Lagos Spinach are all prolific growers in tropical regions of Asia, South America, and Africa. This is that new offbeat cooking spin-off you won’t mind tuning into.

Small: 2" Peat Pots
Medium: 4" Coconut Coir Pot
Large: 6" Peat Pot
X-Large: 8-10" Pot 
Citrus: 4x14" Pot

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