Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana)

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Ask SE co-founder, Jared, what he thinks about Pineapple Guava plants and he'll say, "they have the ultimate best tasting flowers of any edible flower in the world! It's crazy how good it tastes!"  The tree has a waxy flower with, what Jared calls, a flavor that is fragrant, sweet, fruity, and tropical.  The fruit is about the size and shape of a kiwi, with a waxy fuzzy texture on the outer skin like a pear. It has a very sweet aroma before even fully ripe.  It tastes like a cross between a pineapple and a guava with a hint of mint.

Pineapple Guava fruit tree's are easy to grow and well-suited for the ground or a container.  It has heavy production within 3-5 years of planting, especially on the west coast. We recommend planting two for the best pollination and production.

How to Grow Pineapple Guava

Plant Type: Evergreen Fruit Tree, Shrub

Harvest Season: Late Summer - Fall

Mature Size: 10-15 ft. tall and wide

Soil & Moisture: Rich, moist, well-draining soil. Water well throughout the Summer and when the soil is visibly dry. Can be drought tolerant.

Exposure: Full Sun, Light Shade

Zone Hardiness: 7-10 sheltered at 7, cold tolerant!