Magnesium Sulfate 2-0-0

Magnesium Sulfate 2-0-0

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Magnesium Sulfate aka Epsom Salt is an essential superfood for your garden. Epsom salts can (and should! be used often on any plants with calcium, magnesium, and iron deficiencies. In particular, Epsom salt should be used to prevent or correct plants that have yellowed or stopped growing due to a lack of magnesium. 
  • Analysis: (2-0-0)
  • Prevent or correct yellowing and stunting caused by lack of Magnesium
  • Supplies Sulfur and elements essential in plant proteins
  • Increase vibrancy
  • Boost flavor
  • Deter pests
  • Prevent root shock
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • 5 lb bag
How to Magnesium Sulfate:
  • Sprinkle a handful of salts around the base of the plant (Jared literally flings handfuls around the food forest so it's not super concentrated)
  • To use as a foliar spray: can be applied with spraying directly on leaves at the beginning of spring, and again once blooming. Mix in 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water to new or existing garden areas to feed roots or to use as a foliar spray.
  • During propagation, Magnesium boosts seed germination by strengthening cell walls and providing increased energy for growth. Sulfur is easily lost during the germination process, so apply a drench of one tablespoon of Epsom salts for every gallon of water to the soil after seeding.Alternately, you can mix one tablespoon of Epsom salts into each hole before planting seeds.
  • For grass seeds and wildflowers, sprinkle one cup Epsom salts per 100 sq ft, blend into the soil, and water thoroughly.
  • Reapply an Epsom salt drench to seedlings every month during growing season

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