Heart Fern (Hemionitis arifolia)

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Perfectly heart-shaped leaves sit atop black wiry fuzzy stems. Unlike most fern varieties, the leaves are thick, leathery, and slightly glossy. They range from 2-4 inches in length and stems can rise up to around 10 inches tall. 

This unique and beautiful specimen loves to get it's feet wet and is ideal for containers with or without drainage.  Heart Fern is native to Southeast Asia and regions with warm temperatures and high humidity. It's well-suited for terrariums or kokedama.  Heart Fern is an epiphyte, meaning it can grow upon trees as well. Would look amazing anywhere in your home or office in a hanging cache!

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Plant Care

Plant Type: Perennial Evergreen Fern

Harvest Season: Heart Fern is not edible.

Mature Size: 6 to 12 inches

Soil & Moisture: Keep consistently moist, do not allow fern to dry out or become too waterlogged.

Exposure: Bright, Indirect Sunlight, Filtered Shade. Thrives in low to medium indirect light and indoors at room temperature and in small spaces due to it's dwarf habitat.  


Climate Zones: USDA plant hardiness Zones 9-10

Patio Planting Zones: 4+

All of our tropical fruiting plants can be grown in small or large containers in northern zones or planted outside in warmer climates. 

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