Granulated Sulfur

Granulated Sulfur

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You can turn to Granulated Sulfur to provide the best growing conditions for acid-loving plants. In acidic soil, plants like blueberries, hydrangeas, and dark leafy greens will thank you! This organic granular soil will not burn your plants, and should be reapplied more than once per year to maintain the desired soil pH. In applying granular Sulfur before planting and throughout the year, your soil will slowly work to convert it to Sulfuric Acid, which will slowly bring down your soil pH in the safest and most cost-effective way. 

  • Helps ensure best growing conditions for acid-loving plants.
  • 5 lb bag

    How to Use Granulated Sulfur:

    Ideally, add to compost or fertilizer before planting, or work small amounts directly onto soil surface throughout the year.

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