Cottonseed Meal 6-0-4

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Cottonseed meal is a sustainably-sourced byproduct of the agricultural cotton industry. It is an all-around good fertilizer for plants. Cottonseed gives a plushy, slow-release nutrition to all plants, and is especially good for acid-loving plants. It should be applied once every year.
  • Analysis: (6-0-4)
  • 5 pound bag
  • Excellent all purpose fertilizer
  • Great for acid loving plants
  • Promotes vigorous and robust growth. 
  • Lower soil PH, making it convenient for a surge in elements like iron and magnesium in the soil.
  • Holds high organic content. 
  • Suitable for aeration of tight and dense soil. 
  • Aids in moisture retention in light and sandy soil. 
  • Infused with seven essential strains of beneficial soil microbes
How to Use Cottonseed Meal:
  • You can add Cottonseed Meal to compost or fertilizer before planting, or work small amounts directly onto soil surface, then water.
  • 8-10 lbs/100 sq ft.

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