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6 Live Banana Plants

In your bold endeavor into tropical fruit farming, grow these banana plants and never look back. This jovial bunch of banana plants will nourish your sense of optimism and appreciation for food crops. All of our favorite Banana plants are now available in this convenient, cost-saving bundle! All plants ship in our signature coconut fiber pots. Remember, our plants change seasonally and this bundle will ultimately change again, so grow them all while you can!

Bananas are a complete food, packed with essential vitamins, proteins, fiber, and more. These varieties contain a natural sweetness that can awaken your senses freshly peeled, or in sweet and savory cooking. Your life’s work can be growing and harvesting these bright bundles of joy, complete with surfboard-sized leaves. Enrich your garden and your palate for fresh ice cream splits, knowing that the peak of your golden days is yet to come. 

Plant Type
Fruit Tree / Evergreen Perennial Herb

Did you know? The banana plant is actually an evergreen perennial herb, not a tree! The large ‘trunk’ is actually a pseudostem, which is made of bulky, leafy layers that emerge and wither over time. 

Harvest Season

With good care, bananas will fruit within the first 15-18 months of planting. 

Mature Size
Really varies depending on variety. Some dwarf banana varieties grow only to 2-3 ft where other banana types reach up to 40 ft tall. Banana plants can be grown easily in containers and overwintered indoors if needed.

Banana plants are fast-growing, and prone to reproducing new plants through mini clones known as suckers.

Soil & Moisture
Rich, moist well-drained soil, nitrogen-rich soil, and humid conditions similar to their native areas tropical and subtropical regions. In well-drained soil, bananas can almost never get enough water, sunlight, and nutrients. 

Light Requirements
Full Sun, Part Shade


Growth Rate

Zone Hardiness
Outdoors 9-11 with frost protection; Patio/Greenhouse 4+

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