Kaffir, Makrut Lime (Citrus hystrix)

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Kaffir lime is essential to the ever-expanding palette of foodies everywhere. This citrus tree is characteristic of other lime varieties with its thorny, shrubby growth that can reach up to 25 feet when mature. As a native to Southeast Asia, Kaffir lime makes an awesome patio plant for Floridians living outside of Zone 10 or below. When taken indoors, Kaffir Lime benefits from the use of a mister to mimic its humid natural habitat.

Unlike more conventional culinary uses for limes, Kaffir lime leaves are used more often than the fruit in cooking. The two-parted evergreen leaves are shredded to add flavors to Southeast Asian food dishes, giving them a uniquely aromatic twist. Think anywhere from soups, to spicy stir-fry, hot curries, salads, and meat marinades. The fruits are bumpy, and about the size of golf balls. The pulp and juice can be used for additional flavoring, but it is less common than using the leaves.

Here is a list of all other popular names for Kaffir Lime and their countries of origin:

  • Burma: shauk-nu, shauk-waing
  • Cambodia: krauch soeuch
  • China: ning meng ye (Mandarin), fatt-fung-kam (Cantonese), Thài-kok-kam (Hokkien/Min Nan)
  • Indonesia: jeruk purut, jeruk limo, jeruk sambal
  • Laos: makgeehoot
  • Malaysia: limau purut
  • Philippines: Kubot
  • Reunion Island: combava
  • Sri Lanka: kahpiri dehi, odu dehi, kudala-dehi
  • Thailand: makrut, som makrud

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