6" Square CowPots

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Maximize Growth, Minimize Waste!

These large plantable pots are great for pre-planting fruit trees, perennials, annuals, herbs, flowering shrubs, fruiting vines, bulbs and more! 

Our new 6" CowPots pots are sturdy, lightweight, and durable. A revolutionary, sustainable solution for your gardening needs, these eco-friendly pots are crafted from 100% renewable and compostable cow manure, offering a unique blend of environmental consciousness and functionality. These pots will last for a few months prior to planting, and you can expect them to fully break down after 16 weeks once planted, providing an organic, soil-conditioning nutrient boost to your young plants!

Their durable, yet breathable design lets air and moisture through to the soil and plant roots, promotes healthy strong plant growth, and protects roots from pests.

  • Size: 6x6x5"
  • 100% odor-free, compostable cow manure
  • Breaks down naturally, enriching the soil as it decomposes
  • Ideal for efficient space utilization in gardens or planters
  • Provides plants with essential nutrients for healthy growth

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