Sleepy Herb Bundle: Valerian Root, African Dream Root & Calea Dream Root

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These calming dream herb medicinals come in one magical, cost-saving bundle. Two of these young, herbal plants ship in our signature coconut fiber pots. They can be maintained in pots or grown in the ground in hot, sunny climates.

When you are fighting restless nights and groggy days, try your hand at growing the dream herb duo: African Dream Root, and Calea Dream Herb. We know you have tried every sleep solution under the sun, the stars, and the moon. If you have exhausted a list of remedies for your witching-hour worries, stop here. 

Experience the metamorphosis of your dreams into a well-rested gardener, at peace with the world around you. Add these herbs to your sunny green sanctuary, and rest assured that better sleep will lead to better days.

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