Going Bananas: October Banana Bundle

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The convenient, cost-saving Banana Bundle is back for October with three new musa varieties! These banana plants ship in our signature coconut fiber pots. Remember, our plants change seasonally and this bundle will ultimately change again soon, so grow this a-peeling trio while you can!

Bananas are a complete food, packed with essential vitamins, proteins, fiber, and more. These varieties contain a natural sweetness that can awaken your senses freshly peeled, or in sweet and savory cooking. Your life’s work can be growing and harvesting these bright bundles of joy, complete with surfboard-sized leaves. Enrich your garden and your palate for fresh ice cream splits, knowing that the peak of your golden days is yet to come. 

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The best way to use plants for food, medicine, and self-sustainable gardening is to grow them in abundance. Sow Exotic’s plant bundles make it easy to grow your own edible and medicinal plants. Propagate your passion!

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Quality: Healthy, organically-grown plants delivered straight from our greenhouse to your garden with 100% plastic-free plantable shipping materials.

Affordable: Save money— and the planet —when you buy and grow in bundles.

Nourishing: Fresh food from your own garden is delicious and makes you feel good. No added chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives. 

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